Maddie Cristiano

At just 24 years old, Maddie is a powerhouse of physical and emotional strength, not to mention an amazing singer. But to get there, she had to come to terms with a painful event from her childhood, and let herself sing again.

Kevin Skerrit

Unemployed and living in a homeless shelter is not where Kevin hoped to find himself at nineteen. When asked if there was an event that set the stage for his difficult life, Kevin takes us back to his childhood, to an act of cruelty that haunted him his whole life.

Martha Williams

Imagine being born without legs and determined to run marathons. Martha grew up with an unusual condition which made it almost impossible to speak, let alone sing. Hear her unique story of pain and hardship, and finding her unique beautiful voice through God.

Fabulous Russella

Ever put on a wig or costume and feel your usual shy self become suddenly bold and fierce? Toronto Song Project flips the usual equation by asking drag performer Russell to perform as himself instead of his much sassier drag queen self; and just on time for Toronto World Pride!