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Can you sing? Do you have a good story? Steve would love to write you a song.

My name is Steve and I want to write you a song. I want to write you a great song.

I want to find out everything about you. Your hopes, your dreams, your wishes, Ups downs, great moments, not so great moments. I want to take that whole big beautiful mess of life experience and put it into a song. Your song.

I call it Toronto Song Project.

It’s a show I started a few years back where I travelled all over the GTA and I looked for people who had a good singing voice, and a good story to tell. Then I wrote them a song.

It was the best. We got to make some cool music, and I got to meet some truly fantastic people.

Now I want to do it again. And I want to do it better.
Go to Check out the music, get a feel for the show.