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Join some awesome people, share a life moment, party to your favourite songs!

In BATTLE OF THE #1 HITS, we vote on the best number one songs, based on your greatest life events.

In TORONTO SONG PROJECT, Steve meets everyday people, listens to their life story, and writes them an original song.

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Taking the Battle to Facebook Live!

Taking the Battle to Facebook Live!

Yes, our remaining March shows are cancelled BUT! We are coming to you live on Facebook and / or YouTube. Watch the main window on the Toronto Song ...
What’s Your Battle Song?

What’s Your Battle Song?

Tell us what’s your battle song! Come and celebrate the songs that pump you up and get you ready to face a challenge! Battle of the #1 Hits & ...

Battle of the #1 Hits

Our live show where two Number One Hits from different eras battle it out for the Top Spot, based on your votes!

Join Steve and Ashley, as we shout, sing, laugh, and jump up and down when we hear a song we love. It's Toronto's best music event!

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It's simple. Tell Steve your story and he'll write you a song. We'll film the whole thing and make a show. Here's how:

1. Live in the 6ix

That’s what me and Drake call home!  For now I am looking for candidates in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton area.

2. Watch the show

Watch full episodes and decide if you’d like to be on the show.

3. Message Steve

Use the contact form below to say hi. Tell me your age, location, favourite artists, and something special you want to share.

4. Sing into your phone

Sing me a little something using a voice record app on your phone.

5. Let’s talk

I’ll reply to your email and we’ll set up a call. I can’t say yes to everyone but I’ll try :-).


Come on, you’ve made it this far, now drop me a line!  Use this form to tell me about yourself and why you’re interested in the project.



Steve Diguer
Songwriter / Director
Steve has worked as a television and music professional since the early 1990s. His clients over the years include Mike Holmes, YTV, CMT, TVO, CBC, Bell Media, TFO, and several independent companies. In Los Angeles, Steve helped to promote emerging groups like Saint Motel and legacy artists like Ray Davies, Ricky Lee Jones, and Lou Gramm. With an extensive career in Kids TV, Steve has written and produced songs that have millions of views on YouTube.
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Marie Masse
Executive Producer
Marie began her long career in the arts as a dancer. She later made the switch to television working her way up the production ladder from to bottom all the way to production executive in a remarkably short time. Marie is the heart and soul of Toronto Song Project. If you’re a singer, she’s the one you’ll be talking to. Her guidance, instincts and hard work make the show happen.

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