Shawn Costanzo – Singer


On the one hand, Shawn’s childhood is idyllic, exploring Humber Bay in Toronto’s west end with virtually no supervision. On the other, he is neglected by his teen mom, who struggles with mental health issues. Shawn feels familiar the moment you meet him. His confidence and honesty make his journey towards happiness and well-being that much more compelling.

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His teen Mom, her tragic death, and I WON’T FEEL SORRY
Watch Shawn and Steve’s journey together, creating an original song I WON’T FEEL SORRY, telling Shawn’s powerful story of overcoming crushing pain, loss, and loneliness towards happiness and fulfillment. Watch other Episodes ...
Steve’s Original Song Telling Shawn’s Unique Story I WON’T FEEL SORRY
Steve works relentlessly to capture Shawn’s unique, powerful story in an original song.  Does he succeed?  Please watch Toronto Singer Shawn Costanzo sing I WON’T FEEL SORRY.  Leave us a comment! I Wont‘ Feel SorryBy Steve Diguer[click on captions for lyrics) See More Music Videos ...
Watch The Web Series: Shawn’s Story With Extras
Because Steve created Toronto Song Project as web series, you can watch Steve and Shawn’s journey as a playlist with extras. Follow Steve’s songwriting process that leads to the creation of Shawn’s original song I WON’T FEEL SORRY. ...

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