Steve writes REAL SONGS for REAL PEOPLE. With Tamara, he prepares to meet their first singer of a brand new season of Toronto Song Project: Shawn Costanzo.

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In Episode 1

Steve is super excited to launch a brand-new season of Toronto Song Project. This time it’s just Steve and Tamara roaming the city of Toronto, looking for unique and undiscovered singing talent.

Steve Writes Real Songs for Real People

While there is an abundance of singing talent in Toronto, Steve is focussed on everyday real people, and their stories.

Meet Shawn, the First Singer of the New Season

Steve introduces Shawn. Steve doesn’t know much about his story. He has heard Shawn sing and that was enough to convince him that Shawn would be his perfect first candidate.

Why Toronto Song Project?

Steve and Tamara reveal their personal reasons for making the show.

Tamara’s goal: make it into the world of video production. She shows off an inexpensive trade trick of using bounced light to enhance a scene.

Tamara currently works in a bar and at a cafe. That is where the two met.

Steve has enjoyed a solid career producing music and videos for clients, mostly television broadcasters. However, all of these jobs come with parameters. They have to please broadcasters and their audiences.

With Toronto Song Project, Steve’s goal is to meet every day, real people and write them real songs.

They arrive at Shawn’s building in Toronto’s booming Mid-Town area, near Yonge and Eglinton.

More Singers

Check out our other signers. Everyday real people who share their unique stories about overcoming pain and abuse and learning to thrive. Watch as Steve captures their unique stories with real songs about their lives.

What is Toronto Song Project?

Toronto Song Project is a Web Series where Steve searches the city for Real People with Real Stories, then writes them a real song based on their life events.

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