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Toronto Song Project is a video series where Songwriter / TV Producer Steve Diguer looks for everyday people with good singing voices and an interesting story to tell.  Then he writes them an original song based on that story.

  • The singer connects with Steve to be considered for the show
  • If it's a yes, Steve interviews the singer on camera to learn about their life experience.
  • Based on the interview, Steve writes the singer an original song, consulting with them along the way to make sure the song works for them.
  • The singer learns the song and performs it in a music video.
  • All videos are posted on social media - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - where people are invited to watch and comment.

Our goal is to make compelling, exciting songs sung by everyday people that audiences find uniquely touching. 

Toronto Song Project is not a talent competition or a star factory.  Our show is about sharing your unique voice and life experience and inspiring others to do the same.


About Steve

To see and hear more of Steve's creative work, please visit his website.

visit stevediguer.com
About this photo: Steve threw glitter immediately before the picture was taken. Most of it unfortunately went into this poor lady's mouth. (Toronto Pride 2017)

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