I HAVE NOTHING Most Important Song To Me

I HAVE NOTHING Most Important Song To Me

Shawn tells Steve about his love for Whitney Houston, his teen mom, and a family life that was “definitely not LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.”

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In Episode 2

Steve and Tamara arrive at Shawn’s building in Toronto’s booming Mid-Town area, near Yonge and Eglinton.

Steve and Shawn have a heartfelt conversation about his childhood, where Shawn reveals what it was like to grown up with with almost no supervision.

I HAVE NOTHING Most Important Song To Me

Shawn recalls being in gym class as a kid. Whitney Houston started to play on the sound system. “I Have Nothing is the most important song to me”, because it made it made him realize he could sing. “That sounded kind of good” was Shawn’s reaction.

Teen Mom

Shawn’s childhood in Toronto’s West End was pretty much unsupervised. His Mom had him young, at 15. “She was still a child herself” he reasons. He has fond memories of playing with neighborhood kids and exploring the Humber River.

“Definitely NOT Leave it to Beaver.”

They were 8 family members living in a two-bedroom apartment. Shawn was very shy back then, not like he is now. He got very little attention at home.

Shawn, the singer

Shawn would wait more than ten years before singing in front of an audience, a full decade after his “I Have Nothing” Whitney moment. Why? We reveal the tragic story in Episode 3.

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