Mind, Body, Soul on Horseback

Shawn discovers Mind, Body, Soul on Horseback : that horseback riding is the best medicine against the sadness of his Mom’s death by suicide, and dealing with his own depression.

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Shawn bought Filo on a whim. It was an impulse purchase. He turned out to be a source of sanity. Shawn finds out that he too, like his Mom, suffers from depression. He is not on any meds. His doctor confirms… Mind, Body, Soul on Horseback is the best medicine. Steve Tamara and Shawn drive to stables to meet Filo.

Mind, Body, Soul on Horseback

This was a really satisfying day for both me and Tamara. We had just completed our first singer interview together, and we were both feeling great about the result.

Outside of our comfort zone

Our focus was to have a successful shoot. As soon as we got into the car and headed for the stables, the day suddenly felt much different, like a reward, or a field trip. Tamara and I rarely get to leave the city, much less go to a stable with horses. Being out in the country felt so good after the anxiety we felt in preparing and taping Shawn’s interview. As simple as the interview might have a appeared, we did stress about how it would go.

Shawn’s Story

For Shawn, I think it was an opportunity to show us his world. Filo, his horse, was so important to his life now. Riding Filo and caring for him is an important part of who Shawn is.

The journey of Toronto Song Project

What resonated with Tamara and me, was the potential of where the series could take us. Filming in an apartment downtown and then traveling to a Stable out in the country on the same afternoon… it felt like a world away from where we lived. And as you saw, Tamara got to ride a horse for the first time and discover mind, body, soul on horseback. And I always love a good road trip.

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