Steve gets Full Page Feature in Toronto’s 24 hrs

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In spite of my reassurances that my house is about the least interesting part of Toronto Song Project, Marcy Cornblum at Sun Media was happy to send over the photographer and make my lack of taste a matter of public record. Read it and let me know :  did I overshare ? Click here to read it online  

Sherbrooke Record Interviews Steve

Huge thanks to Christine Blanchette of the Sherbrooke Record for this fabulous interview with Steve Diguer and Toronto Song Project.

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Music City

httpss:// Toronto doesn’t have the reputation of Nashville or even Seattle as being a music capital. But I think this video demonstrates what I love about this city… It gets out of your way and lets you create. Go subway dancer! Click to view video.

Woohoo! Toronto Song Project up and running at Bell Local

  What a beautiful sight: Seeing Toronto Song Project on the Bell Local banner on the Toronto page at In case you weren’t aware, you can watch all four inspiring episodes on Bell’s Fibe TV service, channel 1217 and on Bell VOD. We love our friends at Bell Local, and could not have made this show without them.  And seriously, why haven’t you pitched them a show yet?  Message me and I’ll tell you …

MoreWoohoo! Toronto Song Project up and running at Bell Local

We have merch!

Just on time for some street shooting tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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