CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Toronto Stories: Shawn takes Steve and Tamara for a trip down memory lane, recalling childhood memories, sharing the real stories of his life at Humber Bay. Funny and a little traumatic.

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Miss Me, Miss Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me

This is the house where Shawn recalls that one amazing night, where his Mom chased him through the house and kissed him everywhere. This was the one night she was able to make him feel unique, wanted, and loved. I’m so touched by how he holds onto this moment today, and cherishes it as the most important moment at this address, and likely of his entire childhood.


Aside from making me miss my own Mom terribly, Shawn’s trip down memory lane is really remarkable. The basement apartment, his free range childhood, when seen through the eyes of a kid probably don’t seem that bad at all.

Make sure to watch and listen to the stories of Shawn’s aunts. I can’t decide if I’m in love with them or horrified by them. Shawn was able to take their unique taunting and torment like a champ. Through a 2019 lens, they’re kind of monsters.

Okay, it’s better when Shawn tells it, but to illustrate their idea of fun, Shawn tells the story of how they locked him outside in his underwear. They also dressed him and his friend up, wearing towels for hair and dresses and paraded them up and down the sidewalk in high heels.

Young You

I really hope you enjoy the Young You part of the interview. It really made us laugh. I love that I was able to pick Shawn’s drag name.

It’s a frame of reference, and kind of go-to for me in life. I often ask myself what Young Me would think of my situation, especially in times of doubt.

If you find you’re questioning your life decisions or current situation, there’s a good chance that Young You is pretty wow-ed by what you’re doing.

There’s no way around it. Shawn grew up in difficult circumstances. I’m certain his family would qualify as poor.

Yet again, through a kid’s eyes, living with 8 peope in close quarters, and running around exploring the river, the forest, and playing baseball with the neighborhood kids would be pretty amazing.

You work your ass off to provide a big house full of rooms and privacy for your family, when all they really want is to be close to you. It’s worth thinking about. :

That’s my takeaway from CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Toronto Stories

And here’s a photo of my Mom, Catherine Diguer. In spite of being in good health, she died quite unexpectedly at 80 from heart problems. When she smiled at you, it was impossible to not fall completely in love with her.

My Mom, Catherine Diguer.  Gone way too soon.  I miss her so much sometimes I can barely stand it.
Steve’s Mom, Catherine Diguer (1936-2017)

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