A quick check in of Steve’s songwriting progress. He has a fun melody & song idea for a Shawn, though the jury is still out on whether he can make it work. The challenge will be to weave together all of the different themes in Shawn’s life that he shared during the interview.

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On to something

When I come up with a melody, it either feels really good, or kind of forced and meh. This one feels good. I feel like I have something catchy.

The challenge is, what do I do with it? It feels old fashioned. Even like a kids’ song.

More alarming, in terms of song structure, I think it wants to be an AABA song.

Examples of AABA Songs

If you know the term already, skip this paragraph.

Most popular songs on the radio today follow this format
Verse > Pre-chorus > Chorus >
Verse > Pre-chorus > Chorus >
Bridge > Chorus

The AABA format is simpler. Quite literally, the song has an A part that repeats twice, a B part to break up the pattern, then back to the A part to end it.

Elvis Presley “I Can’ Help Falling in Love” is a great example of a AABA song. So is Ritchie Vallens “La Bamba”. There are countless examples. Often the B part is repeated twice.

Occasionally an AABA song sneaks onto the current Billboard charts. George Ezra – Budapest comes to mind. So does Amy Winehouse – Rehab. Notice both of those songs have an intentionally retro sound which is what made them successful.

Likely what really made them successful is, they were sung by George Ezra and Amy Winehouse.


Is this approach right for Shawn? It’s easily something he can do. I can even see a retro song it being a really cool style for him.

But since I only have this one song to write for him and get right, I feel like I need to keep working.

I do think the melody has something memorable about it though. I think it’s sweet and even a little irresistible.

What do you think?

Not thrilled with my voice here… I hope that I convey the idea.

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