Christina Aguilera Vs The Troggs

It’s all about the summer hits in the first round of Battle of #1 hits summer edition: Christina Aguilera Vs The troggs

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Round 1

In this first round, Steve and guest host Queen compare number one hits on their birthdays. While in reality this is Gen x vs. Gen z, Christina Aguilera versus The troggs clearly pits millennials against baby boomers.

Christina Aguilera in Genie in a bottle take on The troggs with Wild thing!

Introducing Quxxn!

I am so excited to be hosting Battle of the number one hits with my special guest co-host Quxxn.

So for the first round, I thought let’s compare birth dates.

Summer Hit Songs

This series is all about summer hits. The number one hits of every summer from 1958 to 2018. you know, those number one hits that happen every summer, that you hear blasting from cars with open windows, at the beach, those songs that celebrate the freedom of Summer.

Battle of the #1 Hits

Get ready for it – Queen is born in 1999. She’s just barely legal in this bar.

So it’s 1999 versus 1966, the year I was born, when modern rock was barely in its infancy.

Billboard Number One Hits

How much of a difference does 33 years make when it comes to number one Billboard hits?  Is there a common theme that runs through number one Summer songs?

Christina Aguilera Vs The Troggs

And most important: who will win the battle of the number one summer hits? Christina Aguilera or The troggs?

You have to watch to find out.

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