Lady Gaga Vs Ray Parker Jr

It’s Lady Gaga vs Ray Parker jr. on Battle of the number one hits summer edition!

There is a lot to unpack with this episode!

Meet the Quxxn!

Wait, did I mention I have a new guest co-host? Quxxn and I hit it off immediately. We both love pop music singing to pop music and partying with a fun crowd of people.

Summer Hit Songs

First of all, the music battle happens between songs of the summer. As most pop music fans know, there’s an official hit to every summer, the song of the summer, what you hear blasting from cars and clubs and Bluetooth speakers at the beach.

Top 10 Summer Songs for Every Summer

We cheated a little. Seeing as we had a list of 10 songs for every summer on the Billboard hot 100 from 1958 to 2018, we decided to pick and choose. We look for songs that would resonate with our audience.

I’ll post the full list of all 600 songs and you can let me know if you agree with our choices.

Disco Stick, Love Game, whatever…

2nd and slightly embarrassing, we keep calling Lady Gaga’s song Love game, disco stick. and while we were clearly in the wrong, I hope that it makes artists rethink the practice of not naming your song for the most obvious hook. clearly, disco stick stands out way more than love game.

Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters from 1984 was another big summer hit. Again, we cheated here a little. The billboard song from that summer is eye of the tiger from Survivor. However we featured that song in our last live show, and we didn’t want to revisit it right away.

I asked during the show if Ray Parker jr. Is the son of someone famous. I think I got him mixed up with another one hit wonder from that. In the 80s, Rockwell and somebody’s watching me. Rockwell is the son of Berry Gordy Jr, founder of Motown records.

The Corn Job

Finally, I should have dress Stephanie’s summer memory of being photographed performing a corn job. I do remember that, and yes it was highly inappropriate of me to post that publicly on Facebook. My bad. It was 2009. A very different world. A whole other planet when you’re talkin social media.

As always, thanks for watching. Stay tuned and I’ll post our list of number one Summer songs according to the Billboard hot 100.

Lady Gaga Vs Ray Parker Jr

Lady Gaga versus Ray Parker jr. is only one small example of the fun we have on Battle of the number one hits. If you’re in the Toronto area, come and experience the show live. It’s social, it’s Lively, it’s a great opportunity to bond with people over music, and relive some of your best memories. It’s the best new event on the Toronto music scene.

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