80s Edition at The Lodge!

Battle of the #1 Hits is Live: Special 80s Edition at the Lodge!

Monday September 23 – 7 pm
The Lodge (upstairs at O’Grady’s)
518 Church St, Toronto (@ Maitland)

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The 80s: What the hell happened?

Hosts Steve & Quxxn Brink explore the confusion and depravity of this still misunderstood decade.

Yet out of that came some fabulous musical trends that are still being copied today!

Play the Game…

We invite you on stage to share your favourite 80s hit. Then we pick another surprise hit song for the Battle.

The audience votes: Which song wins the Battle of the #1 Hits!

A super fun, lively, social night out, and it’s Live at the Lodge on Church Street!

Vote Live On-Line

This is new. We’ll be broadcasting live on Facebook, where you’ll get to vote in live on-line polls for the best songs in each round. You decide: Who wins the Battle of the #1 Hits?

80s Edition at The Lodge!

Battle of the #1 Hits is one of the best, most lively, and engaging events on the Toronto Music Scene.

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