Halloween Battle of the One Hit Wonders!

Battle of the #1 Hits Presents: Halloween Battle of the One Hit Wonders!

Wednesday October 30 – 7:30 pm
The Jester on Yonge

1427 Yonge St (@ St Clair)

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Why One-Hit-Wonders?

Spend some time looking at the history of the Billoard Hot 100 and you will be astonished by the outsized roll that One-Hit-Wonders have played in making of hit songs.

When you think about it, artists that have a string of hits are really the exception historically.

Let’s be clear…

Lots of people will say, that’s not a one-hit-wonder! They’ve had lots of great songs.

I took a beating on twitter when I called Gary Numan a one-hit-wonder. True he had a devout fan base and performed in Europe for years.

but mention his name to almost any ’80s music fan and they’ll shrug. sing the opening notes to Cars and they’ll say Oooooooh!

that is the definition of a One Hit Wonder.

Not an insult

Calling someone a one-hit-wonder is a great compliment.

getting a song in the billboard top ten – even just one – is nothing short of a stroke of brilliance. It’s when you capture the public’s imagination even for a few months, and have the whole world jumping out of their seats to the opening “one, two, three, four, five” of Mambo No. 5.

Play the Game…

We invite you on stage to share your favourite hit song. Then we pick another surprise hit song for the Battle.

The audience votes: Which song wins the Battle of the #1 Hits!

A super fun, lively, social night out.

Vote Live On-Line

This is new. We’ll be broadcasting live on YouTube, where you’ll get to vote in live on-line polls for the best songs in each round. You decide: Who wins the Battle of the #1 Hits?

Halloween Battle of the One Hit Wonders!

Battle of the #1 Hits is one of the best, most lively, and engaging events on the Toronto Music Scene.

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A few of our faves:

  1. Macarena” – Los Del Rio (1996)
  2. Tainted Love” – Soft Cell (1982)
  3. Come on Eileen” – Dexys Midnight Runners (1982)
  4. I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred (1991)
  5. Mickey” – Toni Basil (1982)
  6. Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men (2000)
  7. Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice (1990)
  8. Take on Me” – A-ha (1985)
  9. Rico Suave” – Gerardo (1990)
  10. 99 Luftballons” – Nena (1984)

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