Flo Rida takes on Harry Nilsson

Flo Rida takes on Harry Nilsson, at the Irv began and I could not have asked for a greater moment.

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Usher Vs Bobby Vinton?

A bit of a slow start with Usher’s confessions part 2, going up against Bobby Vinton roses are red.

While seemingly a world apart in styles, both songs represent an example of a Slow Jam from their respective eras. Neither song had much of an impact on our audience.

Pure Drama

Then things got exciting. Flo Rida takes on Harry Nilsson! Low has to be one of my favorite number one songs from the last 20 years.  It goes up against Harry Nilsson’s without you, 1 of the modern era’s  most classic ballads. 

And just our luck, on the stage, we have our friend Sean Leehy, belting it out which by the way is what he does for a living. 

Feeling the crowd participation In This moment is just amazing. It’s the reason we do this show. Music is the glue that keeps everyone in this room together, laughing and singing. 

Flo Rida takes on Harry Nilsson

While my vote goes squarely with Flo Rida, the crowd and Ashley felt very differently and the crown for round 2 went to Without You, admittedly a great sing along.

Hetero What??

Last up, Bruno Mars versus Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Not much of a fight. While Bruno Mars his track is pretty formulaic pop, I think it’s safe to say that endless Love did not really age well. 

Our guest on stage Daniel accuses Bruno Mars of being Heteronormative, which i had to look up. To his comment, I would add that in the realm of hit songs, it’s a pretty forgettable one.

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The exciting news, this is our first episode where better now wins! 

Keep watching. We keep improving the show. And how much fun is it rediscovering all these old number one hits? 

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