Hector Xpinoza: Toronto is the BEST CITY!

Hector Xpinoza: Toronto is the BEST CITY! Haga clic en AJUSTES para subtítulos en ESPAÑOL

Hector Xpinoza is way more shy than you’d think after watching his music video TURN ME ON.  Another surprise: his favourite city.  Spoiler alert: it’s us!

First Artist Interview

Steve meets popular Miami dance / pop singer Hector Xpinoza for a fun and touching interview about love, seduction, and a song about loss that is so special to Hector it’s painful for him to sing.

Based in Miami

Originally from Mexico, Hector Xpinoza calls Miami home. His Spanish language music does really well in Mexico. Like so many Spanish language singers, he’s taking a crack at the English language market.

For his new dance track, he connected with German DJ R:J:C. It’s a solid dance number with some tight builds, and an awesome groove.

Surprised and charmed

Hector Xpinoza in person is not what you see in his music videos. He’s unassuming, even a little shy. This came as a surprise, given that he’s pretty bold in his video for Turn Me On. I’m pleased to say I like both versions of him.

Hector Xpinoza: Toronto is the BEST CITY!

I genuinely think Hector is sincere when he says Toronto is his favourite city to visit.

He was already having a blast when his manager connected with me online about doing an interview. I’m always encouraged when I hear an artist is open to doing an activity or something fun and playful, and willing to talk about subjects outside of his latest single.

When we were done filming, Hector was beaming. He had a total blast. He Instagrammed immediately after that he just experienced one of the best interviews of his life.

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I really enjoyed hosting my interview with Hector Xpinoza. It’s a nice counterbalance to my singer interviews on Toronto Song Project that tend to be much longer and involve some pretty heavy emotions.

I’ve been behind the camera for much, much longer than I’ve worked as a host and an interviewer. Having worked with a multitude of talented hosts, it’s good to see I picked up some skills on the way.

Reaching out to Toronto Artists

Looking forward to reaching out to more Toronto talent, and putting us both on the map!

Watch Hector Xpinoza: Toronto is the BEST CITY! on IGTV

Watch R:J:C Feat. Hector Xpinoza: TURN ME ON.

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