All the Night Glows is new, romantic, classic Christmas song about love, warmth, and the magical birth that started the celebration. It’s free and newFor Your Christmas song player.

Performed by Alexandra Janvier and Dan Turcotte
Written by Steve Diguer

Real Memories

Every word of this song is based on my real memories of Christmas. Feeling warm and invigorated on a cold, walk when just like magic, a light snowfall drops down from the sky. First with my family, later with friends, then while holding someone special.

Christmas Day

Christmas day dinner, when my cousins and would arrive. I have very clear recollections of the excitement I felt when I heard their heightened laughter and the sound of their boots hitting the floor.

Friday Mass

Full disclosure, I am not a practicing Christian. I grew up Catholic and I mostly put those practices behind me.

Yet when I think back, I find it impossible to talk about Christmas without mentioning the birth of Christ. The very idea that a few people were guided by a star to a humble manger, where they would witness the arrival of the Son of God, that this one child would change the world forever… is still a beautiful and inspiring event that I am happy to celebrate.

It felt really good to include this last verse in the song.

About All the Night Glows

I released the finished recording two weeks before Christmas 2018. I wrote the song a few years prior. Alexandra and I did a demo recording with a simple guitar accompaniment. Then it sat on my hard drive for a long, long time.

Having ramped up Toronto Song Project again, I saw an opportunity to finally make a full recording of the track.

Dan Turcotte

I played it for my friend Dan Turcotte at Pet Shop Productions during my recording with Shawn Costanzo. Unfortunately Shawn wasn’t available to sing on the recording.

Dan was very encouraging however. I forgot what an amazing voice he has, and how he can adapt to just about any singing style. I feel like he gave it just the right feel.

Alexandra Janvier

Alexandra is always a joy to work with.

A gifted professional singer and Kids TV host, Alexandra is a regular contributor on Toronto Song Project.  With Steve as producer and director, she has performed in music videos that have been viewed by millions.  See below for links to some of their work.


I really hope that All the Night Glows finds its way to your Christmas Song Player or Christmas Song Playlist.

I really wrote it from the heart.

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[Piano intro]

See the snowflakes sparkle with light
As they float by in the night breeze
All the town looks so pillowy white
From the ground to the tops of the trees

Oh, when you hold me
I Forget all my worries and fears
Oh, It’s so warm in
Your arms my dear


All the night glows with Christmas
Heavenly light, shines in your eyes
All the night glows with Christmas
In all the stars, and every beat of my heart 

Hear the rumble of boots in the hall
As our family and friends all rush in
Now there’s too many children to call
And I love all the noise and the joy that they bring

 And oh, it’s been so long
Sing laughter and songs touched these ears
And oh, there’s no sorrow
Just happy tears

Shine on me brightly

Once a bright star lit up the sky
On a magical night just like this
In a manger a baby was born
And the whole world has glowed ever since

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About the Video Slideshow

Steve and Alexandra did this photo and video shoot at the Toronto Christmas Market in December 2018 in the Toronto Distillery District. All photos were taken on a Google Pixel 3 Phone.

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