The Songs That Make You Strong!

Hello West Toronto! Steve & Candy Surprise are bringing the show to the Junction! Celebrate the songs that make you strong on…

Battle of the #1 Hits – My Battle Song!

Thursday March 26 – 8:30 pm
Axis Gallery & Grill

3048 Dundas St. West (@ High Park)

Hello West Toronto!

Steve and Candy Surprise bring their fun, lively, and LOUD music game show to the Junction!

Imposter Syndrome

Do you have a battle song?  I call it an I’m-Gonna-Make-It-Song.  Whenever I have a difficult thing to do, and when I feel like a total fraud, I’ll give it a listen.  It doesn’t necessarily erase all those feelings, but it gets me saying like, “Oh f*** it, just go!”

I’m a little embarrassed about my battle songs so I saved them for the end of this message.

Back with Candy Surprise!

Join me and my awesome co-host Candy Surprise in the ring and on stage!  Feel the crowd cheer while you share your story of triumph, and play your #1 Battle Song!

What is Battle of the #1 Hits?

Battle of the #1 Hits is Toronto’s best Music Game Show.  Singalong, laugh, win a prize with an awesome group of people, share memories, and groove to your favourite hits.

What’s Your Battle Song?

Oh yeah, here are my #mybattlesong ‘s.  They are both by Britney 😃

Britney Spears – I Wanna Go
Britney Spears – Work B**ch

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