Tiger King On Battle of the #1 Hits

Wednesday April 1 at 7:30 pm, Battle Songs Live on Zoom!

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    Play Battle of the #1 Hits with me on Zoom LIVE! Win $10 if you guess how the audience voted.

    Are You Team Joe Exotic, or Carole Baskin?

    It’s all about Tiger King! The best songs from Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue.

    Vote for the best feline themed songs from David Bowie, Ted Nugent, The Cure, The Stray Cats, Katy Perry, just to name a few.

    Not to mention new classics like Joe’s “I Saw a Tiger” and Carole Baskin’s “Beautiful, Wild, and Free.”

    Battle Songs Live on Zoom

    My first solo attempt at hosting on Zoom. I tested all of the platforms and Zoom offers something truly unique. A much more engaging experience, and no lag! And yes, there’s a live poll and chat.

    How do I play?

    1. submit a song in the comments
    2. Join our email list to get the meeting code
    3. tune in Wednesday night at 7:30 pm
    4. wait for your song to go to battle with another player’s
    5. vote in the audience poll! If you can guess the poll result, win a prize!

    What is Battle of the #1 Hits?

    Battle of the #1 Hits is Toronto’s best Music Game Show.  Singalong, laugh, win a prize with an awesome group of people, share memories, and groove to your favourite hits.

    What’s Your Cat Song?

    It’s no secret that you’ll be voting on these songs:

    Tell us your Favourite Cast Song in the Comments!

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    Join us on Battle of the #1 Hits!

    Find out more about the show here:

    Lady Gaga Vs Ray Parker Jr

    Christina Aguilera Vs The Troggs

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